About Us

Sewing is an art that has played an important role in Kathy’s life since her early years of childhood. Coming from a very large family, Kathy began sewing her own clothes at a young age out of necessity. Under the guidance of her grandmother and mother, Kathy’s passion for textiles quickly flourished into a passionate hobby and part time entrepreneurship while she followed a more ‘traditional’ career path in professional administration. In 2011, Kathy turned her dream into a reality by starting her own company, All Fabric Décor.

All Fabric Décor was founded in North Bay, Ontario by owner Kathy Bogues and, after relocating in 2012, now proudly serves Ottawa and its surrounding areas. This one stop shop specializes in the design and creation of custom window treatments, draperies and a variety of upholstery services that suit individual style and budget. With over 30 years of experience, All Fabric Décor promises to deliver high quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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